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Get Fit Starter is focused on empowering everyday people to have fit and active lives.

Everyday people are busy people with real responsibilities - we are focused on making fitness simple, to the point, and easier to squeeze into our lifestyles. Unlike many fitness sites, we don't treat fitness as the destination. We are a minimal fitness website - everything we prescribe is focused on improving a very specific facet of your health and well-being.

We emphasize a Sustainable Fitness approach to life, which is being fit and active in order to maintain emotional well-being, prevent avoidable physical pain, and promotes aging gracefully. Our approach is always the patient, deliberate approach that prioritizes minimizing injury and maximizing your health and well-being. We agree that the possibility of getting injured is part of being fit and active, but we don't believe getting injured should be a routine facet of an effective sustainable fitness program.

Our Basic Fitness Test provides everyday people simple tools to easily self-assess their lifestyles and see if they are ready to take on a new fitness challenge.

Our Functional Fitness Test provides everyday people, who think they are fit-enough, simple tools to easily self-assess if their current fitness program or recreational activities provides comprehensive sustainable fitness.

Our Personality-Based Fitness Tests helps everyday people emotionally-connect to fitness by discovering fun and fulfilling activities that align with their personalities.

Use Get Fit Starter at no cost to you. By using our services, sharing with friends, and providing feedback you'll help us help others find Sustainable Fitness.

We do make money via affiliate partner links to products or services we recommend on our site. However, the main focus of this site beta is to collect data to help us understand how to best empower everyday people to have fit and active lives!